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Who Are we?

BoughtSmart represents property investors or home buyers in Australia, to acquire the property meeting their investment goals or their property dreams.

We are known as Buyers Advocates or Agents. And we represent YOU as the buyer.

Why use
a buyers agent?


Many buyers spend hours, days, weeks, months, looking for that perfect property. 

We search, shortlist, enquire, negotiate on dozens of properties each week, and present just that one property that meets your exacting brief.

We leverage ‘pre-market’ and ‘off-market’ properties through our industry connections, to give you more options.

  • Redeem priceless time
  • Take back those evenings and weekends
  • Banish endless searching where the next property seems always better.


Most buyers only buy a small handful of properties in their lifetimes.

Here at BoughtSmart, we set you up for success on the back of our extensive experience.

With us, you don’t have to make the mistakes that buyers normally make. and instead, you can ride on our professional advice and support.

Our goal? Your success.

  • Can a buying experience be enjoyable? You bet.
  • Ride on the coattails of our successes
  • Support at the right time and in the right place


Work with someone who represents your interests. 

We ask the hard questions, and leave no stone unturned.

We cut through the fluff out there, and distill it down to what really matters to you, so that you can make a wise and informed purchase decision.

Leave the tough work to us, and reap its benefits.

  • We act in your best interests, not the seller’s
  • Difficult negotiations? That’s right up our alley
  • Vendors know they are dealing with an experienced professional when a buyers advocate represents you


Anger, frustration, indignation, sense of loss, even grief. Over and over again.

We take emotions out from the process of buying a property, look past the glitzy marketing, buffet the pressure tactics, and make sure that the property you buy, is the property that matches your brief.

And not one bought in the spur or heat of the moment.

  • Leave subjective sentiment and emotion out from the equation
  • Leave subjective sentiment and emotion out from the equation
  • Know when a ‘no’ will set you up for a better ‘yes’

Who & What are we there for?

Local Investors

Invest both eyes open with our detailed investor-focussed metrics and proprietary systems.


Want experienced advice and support on buying your first home? We’ve got your back.

Overseas Investors

Nothing beats on-the-ground knowledge and experience of local markets. You've found it.


Found your dream property but don't know how to proceed? We're here for that too.


Don’t take our word for it. Ask the many satisfied clients we have served.

Property Inspection & Analysis

Just like a pair of eyes where the action is. We hit the ground for you.

"Some people use money to save time. Some people use time to save money.

Which finite resource will you choose?